Can robots take care of the elderly?

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23 Replies to “Can robots take care of the elderly?”

  1. It's very charming the way the elderly gentleman interacts with the robot. He's clearly just going along with a bit of fun.

    It's a terrible insult to humanity that scientists can say that " of course . . ." the "robot doesn't form a relationship with the human . . .", ". . . it's just a machine".

    This sort of statement degrades humans , whether old or young to soulless "automatons"!

  2. What a horrific idea. Today I saw a contribution by Mark Easton about "pepper the robot" in a care home, supposedly listening to a gentleman talking about his experiences in WW2. Then a "scientist" came on saying that it was not important whether the robot listened to people, but that the robot appeared to care about people.

    Isn't this what our government and social care is all about. It doesn't matter that authority doesn't care about people as long as they can keep up the charade of "appearing" to care about people!?

  3. Hey, let me see if they could do one of the many my dad had to take care of.

    So this was a war2 veteran, and this guy then retired to then have a wrestling career.
    My dad would look at him one time and he would be right with him, looked again and he was in frount of the 9-foot tall wooden fence with no holes that surronded the place, then get a call from a person saying he's in Springville. No joke, there were no holes or anything in the 9-foot tall wooden fence. Plus we would walk very slow, then it would be impossible for him to run really fast. So my dad says he can teleport, since there were no other way to get out in into Springville. Soon enough, the cops always said "Charlie Teleported again." With that dad thought he would go after him. So he did, But still didnt figure out how he got through. All he got was were he was after he passed the fence, It might be Charlie's medicine, or something Charlie wanting to get.

  4. I would take a robot anytime especially as they become better programmed for home health care. Far too many times you hear absolute horror stories in the US of elderly patients who are physically and mentally abused by home health care or nursing home personnel who are extremely low paid and many times without background checks. A robot might in essence not have human emotions but is that a bad thing when your not sure of the very people who are supposed to be helping you. I am 76 years of age and I would definitely consider a robot as a part of my home health care assistance. Japan has had robots for years because of their every growing elderly population.

  5. What a morbid, feeble-minded idea to let machines take care of the elderly! Before this would happen, I would commit suicide or go to a nursing home in Poland or Thailand.

  6. I think in a similar way why some of us would turn on the tv just for background noise while we work, it's sense of not being alone that goes a long way. It would be nice for elderly I think to have a robot that can be around and just do "small talks" with them, so they would feel less lonely.

  7. It makes me sad we need robots to be empathic? Robots by definition do not care, its a fake humanoid pretending to care? id rather have a real person who is abusive than a dancing robot?

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