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There are lot of hazards at home which can be lethal for an elder for example uneven flooring, improper lighting, various other mechanisms and gadgets which …


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    Everyone above the age of 50, please take 1 minute of your time to fill this, let’s give enough importance to our older generation just as much as we take care of our kids! We are working towards a tailored society inclusive to benefit our senior citizens at its best, every feedback is valuable. Thankyou

  2. My mother was very independent. She enjoyed her own place and when I would walk on her vacuuming the living room I would say let me do that and she'd say, No. Don't take my life away from me. Granite it wasn't a big house was a very small apartment and took about maybe a half hour to vacuum if that. But the truth is it was hers and she knew she was able to still clean or at least vacuum. First thing she would say to me is where can we go? She wanted to get out even if it was just walk or go shopping. But she didn't want to do it alone. You get to understand your parents the more you're with them. Seeing them happy and healthy is the best gift and it is priceless. No pill can do that. Each parent has different you'll find out what makes them happy the more you're with them. Being in the house with them is not the same as interacting with them. My mother liked interaction not to be ignored.

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