Elderly Care: Preventing Falls

Falls are common in elderly people. Although they happen quite often they can be serious, or even deadly. On Good Morning Maryland @ 9, Dr. Alicia Arbaje …

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4 Replies to “Elderly Care: Preventing Falls”

  1. You can actually improve your balance and visual skills at any age. Lower body power training and fall risk are strongly related in the research. Leg power goes up, fall risk drops dramatically. Email brian@strongtowertraining.com for details. Studies have even shown increase in lean muscle and bone density during a progressive strength training program for those in their 50's, 60's and 70's. The past 20 years of neuroplasticity research is disproving what we thought to be true about the adult brain for centuries. Email us for more info brian@strongtowertraining.com

  2. Take charge. Mobility matters! Sanddune exercise device has a history of quickly tuning up the neuro pathways to Golgi tendon organ improving balance and reaction speed. Fear of falling is debilitating. Sitting is no long term solution… If you love someone.

  3. According to statistics, getting help quickly after a fall reduces risk of hospitalization by 26% and death by over 80%. So it is important for the elderly to get a personal emergency response system to give them the capability to call for an immediate help in times of emergency.

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