How to keep your elderly parents safe and in their home longer | Roger Wong | TEDxStanleyPark

By the age of 85, there is a one in three chance that seniors will live in a care facility. What can we do to keep our elderly parents safe and in their home longer?

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  1. I´m from Mexico and I'd like to know why in Anglo-Saxon countries people tend to send their parents to care facilities.
    I mean, I don't understand why parents wouldn't return to live with their children even if they required special care, it is very common in Mexico. Family over everything ALWAYS.

  2. Dr. Wong, thank you for this wonderful talk; I was really moved about the story of your grandmother.

    My mom is in her 80s. While her memory isn't what it used to be she still isn't at the point where she needs any kind of assistance. I do take her to her doctor's appointments so I will know what is going on. It's starting to hit me hard because although my mom comes from a large extended family, there are no longer any other relatives nearby in the area of the US I live in, and she does not want to move even if closer to family. I'm also an only child so it's going to be all on me. She did tell me recently that she would definitely prefer to stay home as long as possible.

  3. Great talk, Dr. Wong, and a very worthwhile message. I feel sorry for the several disengaged audience members in the first two rows, sitting with arms crossed and frowning. Perhaps these people don't know anyone who is 65+ and facing social isolation and loneliness. I am so glad Dr. Wong received a standing ovation for his from-the-heart message!

  4. Thank you for this excellent talk. My elderly parents, now in their 90's, have moved into my home. I do not want them in a facility. This talk explained ways I can make things safer for them here.

  5. My mother is alone now, and I will do all I can for her to stay in her home. That is her wish. That was my dad's wish, and it was so. I could not imagine being left to die in a care facility, We are not animals. Thanks for your advice.

  6. If you are thinking of keeping your senior parents in they home longer you have to make sure that they are safe.
    The ability to communicate is number one for safety.
    What do you suggest if they are afraid of technology and modern smart phones are way to advanced for them?

  7. Wow! The message is thoughtful and the delivery is impeccable. Dr. Wong, every bit of what you said went straight to my heart, and made me rememeber of my dear aging parents and grandparents. I don't want my parents or grandparents to experience such misery. They have served and nourished me in their healthy times. So, it is my duty and responsibility to look after them in their struggling times. Thanks again for sharing such thoughtful experience and expertise. ❤❤❤

  8. Totally inspired by your passion and dedication to improving seniors' quality of life! Thank you for sharing your personal story. we can each play a role by sharing your ideas so our friends, our families and our loved ones can age in place.

  9. Thank you for sharing this story and message with such passion, Dr. Wong. It's fantastic to see innovative leadership in geriatric medicine, where our healthcare system truly needs it. Thank you for your continual wisdom and mentorship.

  10. Enjoyed the video a lot, inspirational ideas in promoting technology to seniors while their minds are still sharp and keeping them safe. Thanks for sharing. Particularly liked how you challenge people to think of ideas themselves at the end

  11. What a heartfelt and inspiring sharing by Dr. Roger Wong! There are so many steps and next actions we can take to give our senior population the opportunity to age gracefully at home. I'd encourage everyone of you to share this video with your friends & family as we continue to raise awareness of the many options available to the aging baby boomers in our society, who have given us so much.

  12. Thank you for sharing your insights and expertise on senior health care. This is an important topic that all families will have to consider and I love how your advice offers heart and care.

  13. As a learner, I'm inspired by Roger's beautifully delivered speech on why preserving independence is important in older adults. Change needs to happen on a systems level. We're fortunate to have Roger advocating for this cause!

  14. Roger Wong is obviously such an expert in this area – my mom is 83 and I have so many more ideas of how to help her now, plus a new perspective on what it is like for her as she finds unassisted living more challenging. Thanks Roger!

  15. Great talk, informative, caring and great solutions… and you are adorable and charming. I loved your song for your gramma and will always think of you and this talk when I hear Moon River. Congratulations Roger, Thank You for sharing.

  16. This is such an important message and you talk so sweetly of your gramma, and coming from a medical professional means a lot. Thank You for addressing this so I can show my favourite kid before I am too old.

  17. Well done Roger for addressing the challenging topic of when and how is the right time for the elderly to move out of home – a tough thing for many of us to contemplate with parents coming into this situation.

  18. Dr. Wong is a champion for older adults. This is not glamorous work, but it is a truly noble pursuit for the betterment of a vulnerable group. Bravo Roger! You are a mentor and inspiration to other Geriatricians.

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