Jonathan Aquino PART 1 (Panorama Undercover Elderly Care 23, April 2012)

full story of Jonathan Aquino why he sentenced to 18 months in jail and two filipina sacked from their job.

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  1. Foren or  not  it realy depends on individual's  character !  Nothing to do with  nationality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   i have seen   nasty  english  nurses  or carers   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And  they were a   fab pretenders when the  patien's  family  arrived  for a visit  , having    small talk and giving an impresion  that  even  a devil would believe it's true   !  It happens  all over the globe  !  i  don't have  any idea  how  this  can be prevented !  Cos humans  forget  or ignore  and can't relate  to one  another !  It all  become more  obout  nationalities /  cuture  /  you  name it  !   But  we are alll born   humans !  Yet alone  we do treat   each other  like aliens!  Even animals   don't  do this ! Why   can't we learn  from them ?  Too  bloody arrogant  we are !!!!!!!! 

  2. Just to let  u know  ,  most of the  Philipino  nurses that i worked with were  more  then  fabulous !!!!   Very  well trained  and  with a  high  standards .   To be honest  their knowledge  of  anatomy ,  phisiology   plus  understanding of the principles in care  were   100%  better  then the  english nurses  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Most of them  , english one's  if lucky  have  the  latin and  human  biology skills  at  the level of   12 years old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Perhaps  it is the time   to stop  focusing on  essay's    which  can't  indicate the  acurate  knowledge  and  stick to old  text books !!!!!!!!!!!!!!    MOST OF THE  ENGLISH NURSES  WOULD   NEVER BE ALLOWED TO WORK AS  NURSE IN EUROPE , AMERICA  !   ( IN EUROPE FOR INSTANCE  THEY COULD ONLY WORK AS  CARER'S  !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  3. to be  honest  i did come across  people   like this  at my  place of work  .   Well to some  degree anyway . I am  a forener   in  England  and  work as a nurse .    People need to get it  straight :   nasty carers  / hsa's  will sooner or later get   what they  worth ,  but the  amounth of  manual handling   i do myself   with  patients  who  do  have   at least 70% of understanding   and for that reason  they do dicide  whether or not  they  agree to specific  treatment  at  times  or  most of the time  out of the frustrasion  , they will  make it  so  hard to care for them !   And  take it out   on staff .   It  kills my wrists  and  my back  , and  no matter how much of the back  and manual training u get   in reality  it  just don't work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Nurses  as wel as carers don't get  paid  a  deasent  money  ( do not forget  about shift pattern  and night  shifts ! )  There is a diffrence  whilst looking after  demented  individuals  , and  beeings  who  are still have  the capacity  and  take the full advantage of their   situation  to  play  out  !  And then u see them as  fine as possible  when their  own  family comes to visit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And  believe me   I DON'T CARE  ABOUT THE  COLOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My  best co-workers  are  colored  and they r my  best friends out side work .  To b honest  , i am as white as the bloody  toilet  roll !  But still i will get  abuse  cos  i am a forener !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What is  the phenomenal  issue  here  is that the  families  who r  racists will complain  till they drop dead  !  BUT  SOMEHOW   AGAINST ALL THE ODD'S  THEY WILL NEVER , AND EVER   TAKE  THEIR  FATHER , MOTHER  TO THEIR HOME'S  AND DO IT  , LOOK AFTER ,  RESPECT  AND  ALL THAT FOLLOWS / THEM SELFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I did a 5 months course in aged care. To graduate needed to do 2 weeks in an aged care home. Was taught there that in 20 mins I needed to wake, toilet, shower, dress an elderly person, completely strip and remake their bed and tidy their room in 20 minutes . 20 minutes!? Now consider the fragile elderly person. Yes the people who worked there did it in 20 minutes.

  5. It would be kinder to put these patients to sleep then put them in
    a Nursing Home. For Dementia and other conditions that lead
    to a Nursing Home admission.
    That is truly the only real answer for certain illnesses.
    Its also ends the patients suffering, it is a kindness that
    now needs to be considered over high cost abuse Nursing
    Homes robbing the persons savings or Government funds
    and a happier patient being with God.

  6. the sad thing is this ignorance and abuse happens quite often more than we think.I treat every patient as if they were my own grandparent.It takes a special kind of person to do this work and every person considered for the job should be selected very carefully with extensive backround checks-also throughout their employment performace checkups and refresher courses should be mandatory!

  7. the patient looks like she's big and heavy, the nurses aid should have used a hoyer lift to transfer her from chair to bed and bed to chair. This type of procedure should be in every nursing home's company policy – it's for the safety of the patient and the workers as well. — 10 years licensed CNA.

  8. im filipino who working here in japan as a caregiver who love taking care of elder..because they are like my second family if we say..this is very embarrassing video ive ever seen… he is so much bastard of doing that… he doesnt think that how bastard hed done… i was hoping that he will stay on prison forever… i was hoping jonthan that karma will come to u as bad as you did in that elder woman…

  9. now i know why my country's not improving, maybe because of this kind of person.. but please don't generalize every filipino's.. we are all different in every way.. it's not right to curse or put us down,some people don't deserve it.. still, foreign countries believe that filipinos are the most tender loving carer in the world… and you people can't change that..

  10. nahihiya kang maging pilipino???? try to read ur words in here wer pipol look at it publicly,, even ur same race would be ashamed to themselves to be called filipino.. u just keep cursing,, being an IGOROT wasn't a problem but it's the way pipol run their brains and their hearts..

  11. Mabuti at hindi pumatol ang DFA sa insidenteng ito kasi huling-huli sa akto na sinadya talaga ng Pinoy caregiver diyan sa U.K na maltratuhin ang kanyang pasyente……. pagdusahan dapat ni Aquino ang sentensya niya diyan sa U.K!!!!!

  12. @GoldenAssWipe! Hey Moron! Stop talking as if youre in the UK! Your don't know what you're talking about youre just spreading ignorant bigoted comments! Stop pretending to be a US citizen! Go back south of the border fat ass!

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