Open borders and elderly care | DW Documentary

Donata is one of many thousands of middle-aged Polish women who work in Germany’s care industry. They travel to and fro between their work in Germany and …

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  1. I think that I would be an elder care giver if I could make a living wage at it in my city. (Austin, Tx, USA) It is physically and emotionally exhausting work, but I am really good at it. There isn't a lot that I am really good at.

  2. My grandmother had dementia and has now passed away. My uncles and father took care of her and I can say it's heartbreaking spending that much time and effort for someone who doesn't remember you. I used to come with them, I saw my fathers face when she called me by his name. To her he was a stranger. It's a hard and thankless job filled with constant worry that she would hurt herself somehow and be rushed to the hospital.

    It's strange that a country as rich as Germany needs to import people and take them from their own lives and families to care for this man and others like him.

  3. the effect of open borders is to cause incomes and living standards to converge across the EU. this causes the poor countries to rapidly increase incomes, but also has the effect of making the rich countries less rich. if you are a carer in germany, you don't have a country nearby where you can earn more than the local wage, do you? you watch by powerlessly as your wages are stagnating because you are being undercut, and your bargaining power lessened, by people from poorer countries.

    the main beneficiaries of open borders are business owners, who can keep wages low, as the labour supply is no longer fixed, and people from poor countries, who can work in richer countries to earn more than in their home country.

  4. I also work as a support worker but in the UK and managed to visit Jasna Gora this year to thank for everything… lovely place helping to relax and rest – highly recommended!

  5. Some people have it hard , and work their hardest , for the people the love , as i have become a young adult i understand so much more of this , we shall hope we are repayed for all this hard work when we die ✌❤

  6. its no different in the uk.i am 72 on state pension the minaman, but i survive. YES the UK.and i spend most of my time looking for firar wood and sawing logs . HAPPY Xmas to you all.

  7. You can't have a welfare state with open borders. What you will get is millions from poor countries moving to wealthy countries and turning them into the shitholes they left. Open borders work well for large corporations so they can get their cheap labour and a nightmare for the working-class.

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