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Rosa Lopez from Spain has been a care worker for 20 years. She loves her job, but it’s getting ever harder to do it properly. Germany has a shortfall of about …

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  1. I am a Srilankan and I am working in Israel as a caregiver. it's so sad to see the situation compare to Israel because Israel is hiring us with a good salary and take care of all the patients living condition. I know that Germany lack of caregivers so I was about to come to Germany as a caregiver before Israel but I am sorry to say that the German Government is not implementing a proper system take foreign caregivers.

  2. The only real solution is bring in immigrants who are willing to do this on a scholarship to train as nurse, and than they can settle and help. Thats what japan has started doing, and even germans has started an initiative like this -with immigrants coming from india,brazil,mexico etc.

  3. This is a problem around the world. These stories are tragic and elder care must be a priority. We must aim to have services that ensure dignity and compassion for the individuals. Hail Rosa.

    My Oma was living alone, without community supports (admittedly she would have refused, as she was fiercely proud and independent). One day she went out to gather rhubarb and her legs gave out on her. Unable to get up, she crawled to the back porch and was outside, in the elements (rain) over night. She never recovered and is now in a home, in deteriorating health and unable to speak. The home is generally poor and is moreso a place for her to pass on, not to live. Nurses deserve respect and better compensation and there needs to be more funding for the care. However, the care is often substandard and the environment so unpleasant that there is a medical quarantine almost every other week. Recently, there have been scandals about abuse in public and private homes, which barely scratches the surface of the actual extent of the problem. Further, for all types of elder care, the costs bankrupt families, as it usually runs $30-50k. The system is broken and as a result, the individual's humanity is effaced.

  4. This is a problem in most of Europe, has nothing to do with letting in migrants. Even the UK which has taken in the least migrants has the same problem. There is not enough care from the governments towards their population. Most politicians are of legal/academic/economic background which is good for administration but not for good health care. All governments should enforce their politicians to spend days with people like Rosa to appreciate that their jobs are not about numbers but about people.

  5. This is he fault of a liberal government who puts more time and funds into foreign aliens who cause nothing but trouble, rape ,culture erosion,child abuse and other acts of terrorism

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