Safe and Visible: Creating a Care Facility Welcoming to LGBT Seniors

Because they grew up and came of age in a time when their rights and safety were not protected and discrimination was even sanctioned by society and the …

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14 Replies to “Safe and Visible: Creating a Care Facility Welcoming to LGBT Seniors”

  1. I don't need nor care to be " tolerated" fuck you If you don't like me. Trust me. Trust me when I say we've tolerated you people our entire lives.

  2. I'm South African and gay. In my 20s I dreamed of opening a LGBTQ old age home. Life happened, I never did open that home, and now, suddenly, I an 54, almost old enough to live in a home myself… watching this video, and others like it recently, has rekindled the dream.

  3. Very insightful…Thanks!!! Education is available thru this wonderful media of the computer. The mature population has been so misrepresented thru the decades….glad to see that this agenda is making headway……again,Thanks!!

  4. It's an honor to be the first to compliment this wonderful accomplishment. This is an amazing visual document. Congrats to all involved and special kudos to those brave participants who shared their stories. Mr G

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