This Robot Helps With Elderly Care | [STRICTLY ROBOTS]

Created by Akara Robotics, Stevie works in assisted living and retirement homes with carers so they may focus on patients more. ▻ Subscribe for more tech …

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8 Replies to “This Robot Helps With Elderly Care | [STRICTLY ROBOTS]”

  1. Imagine you're 75, bored and alone in a nursing home…
    A bunch of kids stick this thing in front of you and it starts flailing its arms around and pulling those stupid faces… And we're meant to be entertained?
    I'd rather die in my 50s of a crippling illness than ever have to interact with this thing

  2. So just a robot talking and showing videos.
    So how is that gonna make the workload in assisting the elder easier.
    All that does is to give the elders someone to talk with about their endless reminisce.
    We need an actual robot who will gently lift the sick off the bed. Wipe up all the mess etc.
    Not giving them the jobs of meet and Greet and holding the camera

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