Tips for Caring for Seniors

After a lifetime of caring for us, sometimes our parents need us to care for them. Here are some tips on making that easier.Watch More Health Videos at Health …

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8 Replies to “Tips for Caring for Seniors”

  1. It is important to make sure our elderly loved ones feel safe and comfortable. Sometime being in an assisted living community removed from their established neighborhood takes a greater toll on their social and emotional well-being. In those cases, in-home care may be the best fit for your family, making the perfect compromise between health and safety and social and emotional needs.

  2. Great video! I cared for a loved one with dementia and it was as if she left her body and a evil spirit came in just to cause havoc. We hear about abuse to the patient, but what about abuse to the caregiver? Great video as caring for our parents can be a very sensitive time. Caregiver need all the help we can get! Thank you, Dr. Mom.

  3. There is inherent lack of information and transparency around senior care providers online. For a number of reasons, majority of families and residents do not post senior care reviews online. To tackle the issue, we recently launched Golden Reviews to proactively seek out families’ and residents’ experiences. We need families, residents, and care professionals to share their assisted living, nursing home, and home care experiences on our website. Reviews help improve care, write a review today!

  4. The first thing that the adult children should do to their aging parents is to help them maintain their sense of independence. This can be done by giving them an assistive device such as PERS, which works to secure their safety. For adult children whose elderly is already being assisted by a caregiver, giving them a simple cell phone is helpful for them to connect to their parents anytime. Parents highly value their communication with their children.

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