UK: Care for elderly in crisis as nursing homes run out of funds

Doctors and politicians in Britain are warning the system for providing care to the elderly is close to collapse. New figures show more nursing homes are closing …

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18 Replies to “UK: Care for elderly in crisis as nursing homes run out of funds”

  1. When is the cut off for savings before government will take affect? When my father went into a care facility I was told £25,000 was the limit… we are getting near that in funds and now I'm told it's £12,000. Where can I go to get the information to this shrinking pot my dad's savings?

  2. The elderly are just £ signs today. There should be no such thing as a private care home – they should be under the NHS, run by and funded by the NHS as they once were. You can not make profit on illness but these care homes seem to. Typical care home manager salary is £70,000 but the carers are only paid £8 – £10 per hour. Typical fees per resident are £1,500 per week upwards for nursing care requirements. With average resident numbers of say 40 residents that’s £60,000 per week care home income. That’s around £3 million per year. Even with wages and running costs deducted that’s a lot of money with much going to the private companies and investors. If that was NHS run the costs would be much lower. Care would be better.

  3. the queen seems to be well taken care off….I forgot ! she has trillions in her control. Could she spend a little on nursing homes ? I expect euthanasia is the sensible way to go. These poor people need a little push. Their conditions are not acceptable and they are not aware enough to pull their weight. Let them go. They would want to move on, if they could talk !!!!!!

  4. I trained in the UK and l am having difficulty registering with the NMC. They have made it so difficult. May they relax their registering laws especially the fact that a UK trained nurse is not alegible to bursurys and grands. The Brittish gvt also changed the student visa saying anyone coming to the UK to study needs to study a one year coarse. So returning to nursing coarse is for 6 months. Laws after laws for UK trained nurse what an intiguing conundrum.

  5. The elderly have paid their taxes into the system and deserve FREE care. This government has plenty of tax payers money to send abroad for elderly care!!!! The care system in this country used to be free, however since the whole of the world has been welcomed to this island all of a sudden we are living longer!

  6. People should be responsible for themselves and their own futures, society should not bear the brunt of the cost of people who did not plan for their own futures.

  7. If its time to die , they should let them go,but they feed them chemical's to prolong there life's.And there is money thing to it too, have the money live long,even on machine 24/7, have no money-well too bad.People need to learn to accept death as natural thing a passage a transformation, the return in to nature- back to the start line,that is the way. TH

  8. The strain is from cuts and market mechanisms in both the NHS and adult social care. To quote Allyson Pollock "The English NHS is on a track towards the US system, where commercialisation results in around $750 billion wasted each year due to overtreatment, undertreatment, and billing, invoicing, and marketing costs.”

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