What Would You Do: Daughter overwhelmed caring for elderly father | WWYD

While a daughter is caring for her father, he begins to tell her all of the things he thinks are wrong with her. Will people come to her rescue? Watch brand new …

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33 Replies to “What Would You Do: Daughter overwhelmed caring for elderly father | WWYD”

  1. I've been caring for my family, mom and dad, for the last 15 years. (am now 30) I gave my "life" for them. Stayed with them, developed many illnesses myself, and now I have nothing in life. Dad died through malpractice 2 years ago. My mom says I never help her at all, she likes to play the victim while having a couple of actual serious issues, but I couldn't find an apartment, sadly. It's not easy over here, especially when backed up by the government. Many don't wanna deal with this shit. When I don't do something for the sake of "chill, i just woke up and/or am in pain" – well, i'm a lazy piece of shit. But when I do something "well, thanks". That's the woman who took money from me every since I was 17, when i started to earn my own money. An apprenticeship that was garbage, because I was a lazy piece of shit in school. Well, happens. I've been paying rent, basically, ever since I was 17. I paid thousands of bucks for a rat cage. Pay my own food, electricity, water, and so on. I have a dog, basically, that wasn't supposed to be "mine". Well, I pay for him, too. Am I sorry my mom is not well off? Sure. Do I deserve my own life though? Well, apparently not. Meanwhile, I can't even tie my shoes without being in pain. Have a couple of chronic illnesses, stuff that doesn't go away, stuff that was caused by a fucked up surgery. Fuck me, right? How dare I think to have my own l ife. At this point it doesn't even matter anymore.

  2. I've been in that sort of spot and like… it can cause ptsd on the one trying to care for the abusive person. Speaking from experience… honestly though it's not something I'd want anyone else to have to deal with.

  3. I love that bar. I used to work there and am friends with the owner. Occasionally I help out as a gunfight reenactor. That place is awesome. I appear in the background of this episode a few times

  4. So do people in her situation usually get paid for their work? That’s funny, in my country children (more often than not, women, especially the unmarried or divorced ones) are expected to do this for free, or else, and the treatment in abusive cases is just as bad or worse.

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  6. This is exactly why I'm not going to become my Mom's caretaker: because I don't just want my life tied to her WA it's and needs like in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

  7. Always respect your parents even if they are harsh or not. If you lose yourself and talk back sometimes then you can always try fix that however the second you start believing that talking back is right then you're lost.

    If your parents aren't respectful being disrespectful does not cancel out their sacrifice for you. They still sacrificed for you and that you cannot pay back for.

    Secondly if they are disrespectful then yes it's not the right thing but that doesnt mean you should do the wrong thing too.

    Lastly, what are the results. You insult them and disrespect them, now what results do you receive? More evil and more distance, is this the goal you wish to reach?

  8. My wife is caring for her elderly sick mother she has cried more in the last
    Year then i ever seen and my wife knows i hate and I feel pain when i see her eyes with tears her mother is a Bat the words that come her mouth omg she would be in a nursing home if my mom said half that stuff to her

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