Smart Home Technology For Elderly Care | Products and Usage

Smart Home Technology For Elderly Care | Products and Usage Tell me you don’t know someone who’s getting up there in age and could use some extra help …

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  1. I was hoping you would show how seniors can handsfree answer (auto answer) video call and how it works on google nest hub vs amazon or facebook portal. I'll keep an eye out for the video. Please show both auto-answer and how seniors can make calls with only their voice.

  2. I fully agree with only setting the smart buttons to do one thing, BUT I do think it is a good idea to set all three push profiles (single, double, and held) to do the same thing. It would be rather annoying to them if they kept accidentally getting false readings of double pushes or holds, making it fail to activate the proper automation.

  3. Hey my friend, is this stuff safe for elderly people? Like does it have any radiation? Can Zigbee, ZWave, IR, RF Harm them? If something is not available in California does that mean it poses a cancer risk because I heard California has strict rules and safety? Thanks

  4. Brian I'm still out here! I'm aggravated because I can't get money to you through patreon. Cause you're in Canada! And I'm not going to use your services for free. I think you're the one of the best! And would love to watch but like I said I don't think it's fair to you without paying for it. All my best Mike take good care of your family give me a gill every once in awhile. Like I said there was never anything that you did it was just the patreon company would not work with us! Or more likely my bank wouldn't work with them because I'm in the middle of nowhere. The great care of your family and stay safe Mike

  5. Brian. you can provide a tremendous I mean tremendous public service by doing this topic again to a different audience. Talk to the elderly. That is talk about each item like you are talking to your elderly parents or better yet grandparents.

    Why would you want to have videos in their home. How you will set them up to protect their privacy and dignity.

    Or why motion detectors may provide peace of mind for all with privacy. And remind them that their animals can be filtered out.

    Why having Echo can replace or supplement those “I fell and can’t get up” monitoring that is so very expensive. How it can make phone calls.

    Why temperature monitoring of the home is helpful.

    Why a camera outside pointing to where your car is parked gives your children piece of mind knowing if you are home.

    Why a smart door lock.

    You see my point. The why. Your audience is the elderly. I think they need to realize how simple this would be for their children to do for them. Your audience is the children who need your help and authority to help convince their parents.

    One commentator is concerned with costs. We know what things cost but a simple cost breakdown. I suspect motion detection is where one would maybe start. What does it cost to have some Echo dots with SmartThings and 3,4,5 motion detectors. How much to add a Wyze camera, and August smart lock.

    You get the idea. Targeted to the elderly. Something they can watch. No jargon explain simplicity and privacy. Show them with examples of what can be done for them.

  6. Hey Automate Your Life! We are Switchboard – a platform for families to record and share reminder messages with aging loved ones. We are an entirely landline based tool; all seniors need to do is pick up the phone and answer our call to receive their message. Caregivers receive a notification alerting them whether their message was received or not.
    Would love to have you check us out! SeniorTech is so important. Thank you for covering!

  7. I am sorry this video is confusing. I am into technology. And I care for elderly parents. I would not recommend any of these items besides the echo. You didn't set up any of these products, you gave vague reasons why to use these products and then you found very expensive products. I own many products and put in my mother home and they cost less then $30. Each has cloud space for free up to 14 day. This video was sponsored buy a lot of high brands. I'm so but I leave in another state then my mother and I could save people alot of money then this business.

  8. one question do you have any recomendation for a cctv system/ ip cam system with a door station / door bell ? there are a lot but i want a solution that let me record anything (with audio) and let us view everything maybe using a tablet in the house or sendme and alert to my phone etc, my mom its a 78 year old lady with hearth problems and when she hear a sound arround the house she freakout etc and somethines she is alone so something like that can help her make her feel more secure and stay calm…

  9. Thing is you can go the DIY way or you can just get a security system installed. Honeywell/Ademco and 2GIG can do all of this stuff so you don't have to piece it together and learn a whole new trade to use/install it. Stuff like this for it to work right and done right should be left to the professionals. For a example here in the state of Florida the authorities such as Police, Fire and Medical would not be dispatched automatically unless it is registered with the City, County or State and the system monitored by a certified central station. So if you do one of these DIY setups and when a alert happens you better check it out ASAP as if you're the Central station for a security company. I had a guy that did his own system for his Mother and he's typically busy running a roofing company. He was in a meeting trying to get a new client and his mother fell and passed out. When he finally got to his phone it was two hours later. Luckily she lived and spent a week or two in the hospital. The Security company I work for sent me in to install in a Honeywell Vista 21ip panel, Tuxedo Touch keypad, contacted all doors and windows. We even added a few extra sensors to the bedroom door, bathroom medicine cabinet, CCTV, medical alert pendent, a couple of extra motion detectors so you know what area of the house she was in. I think we even added a Skybell. Two weeks after the install she had an episode of low potassium and hit the medical button, the central station alerted medical help and the TC2.0 app alerted the Son, not to mention he received a call as well from the central station. The Mother is in her 80s and she loves her safety net. She only has to worry about a Keyfob to Arm/Disarm and a medical alert pendent. The Son that is in his mid 50's just has to use one easy App.

    Also keep in mind Security companies are not like the 70, 80 and 90s. Most Security Companies also do Home Automation these days.

  10. Thank you for keeping the elderly and our safety in mind.

    If you have the time to share some tech advice for my scenario — it would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm 70 and in poor health. Additionally, last year I was diagnosed with dementia, so my memory and certain cognitive skills are impaired.

    I'm at the point where I forget to turn off stove burners, and I forget to turn off the sink faucets.

    Last year, when my thinking skills were much better, I managed to install the following home tech:
    – Echo dot
    – Google Home
    – Wyze Camera
    – WiFi (Google Mesh)
    – SmartThings Hub
    – Ring Pro Doorbell
    – Ring Security System
    – Several TP-Link smartbulbs and TP-Link smartplugs controlling lamps and small appliances.

    Considering the above tech, is there anything currently available for gas burners and water faucets that would make me aware they were left in an ON state?

    Kind regards,

  11. I use an Alexa reminder with my echo dots 3 to tell my mom to take some pills it's the best way, and I use an xlink (it fusion the landline and cellphone line and let me chose wich one I can use to make default calls etc) connected to an echo connect to make a receive calls using the echo dot 3 so she can take calls in the house without needing she walk to the phone

  12. Not sure which side I am on here? I am confused! I know, I am old but the wife's older. I'll get a camera to watch her. Lol. You just categorised me as old and a perv. Oh the folly of youth. Lol

  13. Hi Brian, I'm vexed in trying to find a sensor, be it motion (PIR), open/close, water, vibration that will work with the built-in Alexa Zigbee hub. Since you own many sensors and have both the Google Assistant and Alexa Echos could you tell me if I could use the Smart Things sensors GP-U999SJVLBDA and GP-U999SJVLADB as shown in your video with just the Echo Show's built-in Zigbee hub? Or do I still need the Smart Things Hub and App? I know Amazon released an API for companies to make their sensors work with the Echo's Zigbee hub but it seems no one is doing it yet. Maybe they just want to up-sell their proprietary hubs? Thanks.

  14. An important video Bri, smart home tech is far simpler than some people credit it as being, which suppresses the potential for how useful it could be in a wide variety of situations

  15. Brian you did a great job!!! The kids talk me into getting Google it did not work for me. But they talked me into Amazon then the IT department here talked me into hooking in the switches including the call switches with Z-Wave because they're on just push buttons on the wall which I can't find cuz I can't see well. And they talk she who shall not be named to tell me when they're going to basically bring my medicine they taught her to turn a light strip on under the bed so they don't have to turn the light on when it come in and check on me in the night then I got the microwave so I can take care of myself. I joined the Kindle Library I have read or listen to so many books then they help me set up the music library. They fix the curtains the furnace. And I feel like I live in my own home. And a lot of it is because of you Paul Hibbert and Tech by Brett I hear it from you guys I show it to Information Technology here and then it happens. And since I've got Amazon it's kept me from laying on the floor. And I've had a very good life I think Google is capable but they didn't provide the feedback we needed. And man we thank you so much! You guys are angels

  16. I was in total paralysis in hospital for three months. I could speak. I wish I had google mini by my bed. Brian, can you work with hospitals to get this integrated into there systems. I believe it is a a necessary occupational therapy device. I would love to talk to anyone who is interested in this.

    I am a senior and have three google minis at home now. I love them.

  17. So very helpful! From Yarmouth N.S. Got a few google homes for my grandmother as she resisted to the life line type of phone system. Now have hue and a couple of wyze cams (yet to be deployed). Always enjoy your work!

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